New Jersey 

Investment Management Intersect Conference


New Jersey 

Investment Management Intersect Conference 

Thursday July 18, 2024, Nassau Inn, Princeton NJ

The New Jersey Investment Management Intersect Conference brings institutional and private wealth managers together with fund managers and other experts that can help them reach their investment goals. Discover new investment strategies, refine your operations, and generate returns by conferring with the best minds in investment management.


CME Group | RCM Alternatives | NASDAQ | WallachBeth | Monroe Capital 


7:30        Registration and Continental Breakfast

8:45        Host’s Welcome

8:50        Macro View on the Markets: Discussing the Intersection between Capital Markets and the Real Economy

      Are equities overvalued relative to Treasuries and to gold? 

      What is the outlook for U.S. rates?

      What are the economic drivers of gold prices?

      How could markets respond to the lagged effects of Fed tightening? 

      Why have silver and industrial metals underperformed gold?

    Erik Norland, Senior Economist, Chicago Mercantile Exchange

9:20      Asset Allocation: Achieving the Optimal Mix

•   Navigating an increasing exposure to alts

•   The role of private credit for borrowers and investors

•    Opportunities in private equity and venture capital going forward

•    Examining the “Magnificent Seven” dynamic

                               -  Are the tech giants starting to resemble the “Nifty Fifty” of the 1970s or the early  2000s Dot-Com Bubble?


            Brian Carney, Chief Executive Officer, RiversEdge Advisors  

Chip Rosenthal, Partner, Mercer Investment Consulting
Jordan Kaufman, Chief Investment Officer, Green Ridge Wealth Planning
Kevin Mahn, Chief Investment Officer, Hennion & Walsh Asset Management

10:10    Networking and Refreshment Break

10:30    Trends in Fixed Income: Managing an Investment Grade Credit Portfolio

Leading investors will discuss their thoughts on factors affecting the fixed income market such as interest rates, fiscal policy, inflation, and geopolitical risk. From a 50,000 view, what kind of environment are we in? 

•    What sectors, names, and sovereigns are we looking at from a 

     diversification standpoint

•    How are investors anticipating Federal Reserve moves?

•    If inflation reasserts itself, how will that impact corporate bonds?

•    Can we go tighter?


Lilly Palmieri, Principal, LMP Institutional Investment Consultants

Ria Ghosh, Investment Officer, United Nations Joint Staff Pension Fund
Wayne Yi, Chief Investment Officer, Partner, Simon Quick Advisors
Phil Pagliaro, Portfolio Manager, State of New Jersey Division of Investment

11:10    Managing a Global Equities Portfolio

Asset allocators evaluate the promise of different equity strategies, balancing risk management and returns in the light of current economic trends. Rising stock prices still contain promise, but what is the best strategy for your equity allocations?

•     What sectors promise growth in the second half of 2024?

•     From a valuation standpoint, does it make sense to overweigh non-US stocks

•     What parts of the style box does it make more sense to use indexes?

•     Identifying a catalyst that could tilt value stocks into showing returns

•     Utilizing dividends and cashflow

•     What resources do you use to research stocks?


Tasha Shadle, Founder, Cross Cap Advisors

Rob Michel, Chief Investment Officer, Glen Eagle Advisors
Peter Boockvar, Chief Investment Officer, Bleakley Financial Group
Matthew Forester, Managing Director, Head of Dynamic Portfolio Management, BNY Mellon Advisors

James Maund, Head of Capital Markets, KraneShares

11:50    Accessible Options Strategies for Income and Downside Protection

             Seasoned practitioners will discuss common options strategies that can be implemented for a variety of portfolio income 

             and loss protection outcomes. 

               Fundamentally, what makes options great tools to structure portfolio outcomes? 

                      What are the most common ways options can be used to define payoff profiles?

               How have options overlay strategies performed historically?

                  What macroeconomic factors affect these strategies most?

              What affect do option income strategies have on overall risk and return profiles? 

              What options strategies are best positioned for the current economic cycle? 


             Alan Roldan, Managing Director, WallachBeth Capital            


              Ryan Mason, Portfolio Manager, Lavaca Capital

              Lorne Johnson PhD, Managing Director and Portfolio Manager with the Multi-Asset Team, PGIM

12:30     Lunch

1:30      Risk Mitigation Strategies: Using ETFs as a Risk Management Tool

          Session will examine innovative approaches to risk mitigation, with a special focus on using ETFs to navigate 

               the complexities of risk  management.

  How do buffer ETFs protect from downside risk while retaining liquidity advantage and seamless implementation?

Ali Doyle, Head of ETF Listings, NASDAQ

Judy Jansen, Portfolio Manager, JP Morgan Asset Management
Brett Sheely, Head of ETF Specialists, Alliance Bernstein
Will Helm, ETF Portfolio Manager, Goldman Sachs Asset Management

2:10   All Weathering Your Portfolio

      What is Return Stacking?

      Incorporating trend following into your portfolio.

      How do you mitigate downside risk with Alts?

      Are you getting what you paid for?

      Is 60/40 dead?

      Can incorporating Alts lower my Portfolios Volatility?

      Inflation, Stagflation- why does it matter?

      The current state of the Fed?

Jason Buck, Chief Investment Officer, Mutiny Fund 

Mike Philbrick, Chief Executive Officer, Resolve Asset Management SEZC (RSSB, RSST, RSBT)
Jerry Parker, Chief Executive Officer, Chesapeake Capital Corp/ BluePrint Chesapeake Multi-Asset Trend ETF (TFPN)
Eric Crittenden, Chief Investment Officer, Standpoint Asset Management (BLNDX/ REMIX)

2:50   Networking and Refreshment Break

3:10    Integrating New Alternatives into Your Portfolio

      Gaining transparency from multi-strategy managers and black box funds

      Lessons learned and common mistakes while reviewing ODD and macro

      Reducing disruption when integrating alts into a portfolio

      Due diligence for emerging managers

      Niche sources of beta and alpha


Ted Katramados, Director, Associate Portfolio Manager, TAG Associates 

Larry Chiarello, Managing Director, SkyView Investment Advisors
Steve Tuttle, Chief Investment Strategist, Signet Financial Management
Zhe Shen, Managing Director, Head of Diversifying Strategies, TIFF Investment Management

3:50     Untangling the Impact and the Role of Private Credit as an Asset Class

      What's the source of the above average returns provided by private credit investments?

      How does Private Credit deliver non-correlated returns to a portfolio given it’s connection to interest rates and the underlying


      Due diligence: evaluating how private credit managers operate differently than hedge fund, ETFs, or mutual fund in terms 

      of how they select companies to lend to

            Balaj Singh, Vice President, Meketa Investment Group

Alex Parmacek, Managing Driector, Deputy PM, Monroe Capital
Michael Crook, Chief Investment Officer, Mill Creek Capital Advisors

4:30     Private Equity Trends

      Finding less crowded parts of the private equity market

      Due diligence for private equity investments

      Thinking “outside the box” in navigating the current private equity market

Moderator: TBD

Steven R. Kim, Partner, Investment Strategy and Risk Management, Verdis Investment Management
Josh Nabatian, Chief Investment Officer, Arcadia Investment Partners

5:10     Cocktail Hour   Sponsored by: RCM Alternatives & WallachBeth Capital


7:10     New Jersey Investment Management Intersect Conference Concludes